Novled XML-T6 flashlight

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Brand: Novled

Type: XML-T6

Type: Flashlight

Length: 13.1 cm

Width: 3.7 cm

Lumen: 3,800

Wattage: 8 - 10 watts

Apparent distance: 200 - 500 meters

Material type: Aluminum

Battery type: 3 x AAA or 1 x 18650

Colour black

Weight: 106 grams


Super thick LED flashlight from Novled. This flashlight shines between 200 and 500 meters away, has 3,800 lumen (1 lumen = 1 candle) and a wattage of between 8 and 10 watts. The wattage depends on the type of battery you put in the lamp. The 3 x AAA batteries have slightly less power than a 18650 battery and also last a little less. An additional advantage of a 18650 battery is that it is rechargeable. The lamp is quite compact and indispensable at the campsite or during your survival trips.

Novled, LED lamp, flashlight, 18650 battery, camping, survival trip.

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